Mexico City cathedral

Mexico City

Leaving every tuesday, thursday and saturday at 4:00 pm from Puebla City.
          Ride: 2 hrs 30 min

Leaving every monday, wednesday and friday at 3:00 pm from San Miguel de Allende.
          Ride: 3:45 hrs

         Check the map and schedule                    bellow!
Departure Map @ San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel Map
Mexico City Map
Arrival Map @ Mexico City
Departure Map @ Puebla City
Puebla Map
Mexico City Map
Arrival Map @ Mexico City
mon, wed & fri
tue, thu & sat
Lenora Hostel reference

Pick-up @ San Miguel

Pick-up @ Puebla

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Drop-off @ Rio Támesis

Rio Támesis reference

Drop-off @ Donceles

Donceles reference
Donceles reference

Drop-off @ Donceles

Rio Támesis reference

Drop-off @ Rio Támesis | (+52) 1 55 4861 7872