The first service for intercity Hostel Hopping in Mexico!


We're a transport service company focused on backpackers in Mexico. We'll take you from the best hostel hub locations in one city to the next one. Plan your route with us!


    About Us    

We're a transportation service company focused in backpackers, like us... like you! 


From one city to the other, in a short distance from your hostel.

Take a look at what Roller Hostel has to offer you... Let the ride begin!



Our Current Destinations

Puebla travel
Mexico City travel
San Miguel de Allende travel


From Mexico City downtown to Puebla City main plaza, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Mexico City


Departing from Puebla or San Miguel de Allende we will take you to Mexico's capital city.

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San Miguel de Allende


From Mexico City's downtown to San Miguel de Allende, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

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